pick two of the following food types and analyze follow the chemistry instruction

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Pick two of the following food types: 1. breakfast cereal, 2. energy bar, 3. frozen dinner, 4. canned fruit/ vegetable, 5. packaged snack, 6. bread or baked good, 7. or Pasta

Examine the product for the following information

• Name of the product

• Quality claims (e.g., triple-washed, fresh)

• Animal welfare or environmental claims (e.g., dolphin-safe)

• Nutrition claims (e.g., no trans fat, fortified with iron)

• Health claims (e.g., boosts immunity) • Social justice claims (e.g., fair trade)

• Factors differentiating product from competition (e.g., 50% less sugar)

• Identify the Macromolecular components

• and the vitamin and minerals.

• And any other information that you think is important

Please indicate why you purchased or use a particular product based on the questions above. Is the product healthy in your opinion?