Please complete each task on the command line (this is an virtual lab)

Need help with my Linux question – I’m studying for my class.

Please complete each task thoroughly and follow each instruction. I will give you my details to login to the virtual lab once we talk. I have attached the task. Please take screenshot of each task on the command line in a PDF.

Also these are additional insturctions on what each screenshot should include for each task:

I’d expect to see screenshots for each task showing:

1. Your netcat command connecting to the windows host and a second moving over to a more stable shell (like Meterpreter) as performed in Assignment 6.

2. The series of commands used to perform privilege escalation and their output and a final screenshot showing the contents of the proof file.

3. Your commands inputted into ncrack, the output showing the correct password, and a successful rdesktop connection to the Administrator’s desktop, with the proof file opened in your RDP session.

4. Any steps you take to complete the other two privilege escalation techniques of your choice with similar output results, resulting in a final screenshot showing that path led you to the proof file and you can read it.

This is the link for the virtual lab: