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Although many of you have previously identified some of the technology issues facing each of the companies you are individually following, we are staying with this to take a more in depth look at your company’s use of technology. This may take slightly different forms for each company. With GE you might be better off focusing on a single business sector). Delve deeper into some of the initiatives you have identified to find out what this effort will take. Is your company hiring for software engineers? What will they do? This needs to be a data driven discussion bringing in specific information including costs and benefits.

For Post and Reply You must use at least 2 non-corporate websites (business news) in addition to the corporate site. Look to see what is in the Wall Street Journal or industry related journals.

Whenever you provide specific data within a paragraph the data source must be identified by an inline citation. Following a direct quote there must be an inline citation. If you have paraphrased an article or a site, you must provide an inline citation.

A list of sources must also be provided at the end of your post.