Pre-cap Module 5 and 6 Discussion and assignment

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1. Module 5 discussion

1. As a recent graduate of the Bachelors of Applied Science Health Services Administration degree the possibilities before you are endless. You have decided that you have outgrown the qualifications for the current job you are in. You want to spread your wings and utilize all the new skills and applications you have learned in the HSA program. Fortunately in the Leadership course you updated your resume – how convenient since you have decided to pursue new career opportunities and test the job market.

Please describe in 150 to 175 words minimum the process one would take in looking for a new job with your skill set and qualifications.

  • Please make sure to list the websites or search tools used in the mock job search process.
  • List key words (buzzwords) used and what items/words/descriptions were used to narrow down your search to jobs that would be good to apply for.
  • How long did it take the search to be completed?
  • What roadblocks did you discover during the search?

Remember this is just listing the PROCESS of looking for a job.

2. Module 5 assignment

In the discussion post for this module, a mock job search was performed and discussed. From that search, choose 3 employment opportunities that caught your interest and you are qualified to apply for.

For this assignment, submit a paper of 350-450 words which compares and contrasts skills and qualifications needed for each opportunity.

  • What would help you to beat out other potential applicants for the position?
  • Why did you choose these 3 particular jobs to apply for?
  • What is the main goal of obtaining your BAS-HSA degree?

Please note that one of these jobs will be used in a mock interview assignment in Module 6.

Please ensure that you correctly cite within the assignment references that have been utilized.Please remember to include a title page and reference page. Please make sure to follow HSA Style Guidelines for formatting the paper.

Please note that word count DOES NOT include the title page or the rubric. Only the written content of the paper qualifies for meeting the word count requirement.

3. Module 6 discussion

In a posting of 150-175 words, describe the top 5 Do’s and top 5 Don’ts of each of the following: interviewing in person and interviewing on the phone/Skype. Are there key differences between the formats (face-to-face compared to phone/Skype)? Are there more similarities than differences?