Privacy is our priority and we use the following significant principles to keep your information protected and confidential:

  • We ask only for the information necessary for providing our quality services and only when it is absolutely required.
  • We do not store your private information on our website after receiving it for more than law requires it.
  • We allow our customers to control their sharing, index of the search engine, deletion of their personal data from the site, and storing, as much as possible.
  • Your data is collected, stored, and shared absolutely transparently.

Our Privacy Policy and its principles are listed below.

What is covered by our Privacy Policy?

Our company name is The privacy policy concerns the personal data we receive from you in case of using the following:

  • The website;
  • Our iOS and Android apps;
  • The anti-plagiarism scan and other products and services presented on our site.

We strive to recognize your right to privacy and protect your personal information. Any information referring to you as a person directly or indirectly is considered your “Personal Data”. We protect that information. If you have any concerns or questions about our privacy policy, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. For now, find out how we accumulate, utilize, and store data, below.

How we collect Personal Data

Our company may get your private information both from you and from our counterparts, with the help of the legal agreements, including your contracts concluded with us or with our counterparts acting on our behalf for fulfilling those treaties or other legal liabilities. We always require your consent and permission to disclose your private data. We can obtain it explicitly from you or from the third parties you gave your approval to.

What kind of information we collect

Once you visit our site, we can immediately gather the following information:

  • The IP address;
  • The device you use to visit our site;
  • How you interact with our site.

More information about our cookie policy is below.

1. Location of users

  • To verify the user
  • To prevent the resale of accounts and fraud
  • For VAT/tax purposes

2. Emails of users

  • To communicate with the user via this means of communication
  • To provide promotional and marketing information to users

3. First and last names of users

  • To verify the user
  • To tax and bill the users, issue invoices
  • To prevent the resale of accounts and fraud

4. Phone numbers of users

  • To verify the user
  • To communicate with the user via this means of communication
  • For customer support

5. Addresses of users

  • To bill the users and issue invoices

The reasons for which we collect Personal Data

The reasons for which we collect personal data of our customers are as follows:

  • The delivery of the services ordered on our website;
  • The remainder of the services and products you, as an existing customer, we’re interested in on our site in some reasonable time;
  • The supply of information about our services and products purchased on our site, including related services and products;
  • The fulfillment of the obligations in our contract;
  • Legal reasons (the conclusion of a contract between you and us);
  • Providing information about our services and products after your consent to receive such information.

We collect your personal information on the grounds of having your legal permission for that given in a contract or law, as well as on the grounds of having your consent for certain our actions, including the delivery of newsletters or services.

Legal grounds for which we process your Personal Data

We process your personal data when:

  • We have a contract with you;
  • You gave us your permission;
  • We provide the services you have ordered;
  • Law requires us to do it;
  • You expressed your wish to share the data.

How we get your data

We can get your data from your consent in the following ways:

  • You complete a form or send an email to us;
  • You order our services on the website;
  • You post a review or share your feedback on the website;
  • You contact us via our official means of communication, including phone numbers.

What data we get from other sources

We can get your personal information in case you use one of the websites we operate, share your data with one of our partners who are permitted to provide this data to us, or order services from our network.

Also, we can obtain your data from third parties, for example, our business partners or financial, technical, and delivery sub-contractors, the establishments checking background, advertising networks, and other sources having legal right to get your data and share with us.

We retain the right of storing your downloaded, accessed, and uploaded files to our website. If you are not permitted to use certain files, we ask not to share them with us. We also do not give a warranty of security of the files that contain your private data or private data of the third parties, so we do not allow share them with us if you do not have the permission of those third parties.

Who your data is shared with

We can share your data with third parties if we have your permission or legal right to do it. We can disclose your information to the following parties:

  • The marketing department of our company with the aim of providing you with promotional offers after you registered on our site;
  • Our sub-contractors and legal partners, according to our or their obligations under the agreement;
  • The third parties from your permission;
  • Our subsidiaries according to the 1159 section of the UK Companies Act 2006.

What other reasons for which we may share your information with the third parties are

In case a third party acquired and all its assets, your personal information will be transferred to it as one of the assets. There are some other reasons for sharing your data with the third parties, including:

  • In case we have to comply with a legal obligation;
  • We have to prevent fraud or other risks with the help of sharing data;
  • A government body legally requests us to share your data;
  • We should enforce or apply the agreements of our website, for example, Terms of Use;
  • We have to protect the rights, safety, or property of or our customers.

Anonymized and accumulated data

We can share anonymized or accumulated data (or both) with the third parties occasionally. In this case, the personal information used for your identification is removed. This data is now part of the statistics, but you can share or object that data.

Where we handle and keep your data

We process and store your private information in the EU or the USA. Once you have accepted our privacy policy, we have your approval to keep the information outside of these countries if the storage facilities allow us. Your information is encrypted with the brand-new technology and is guarded against unauthorized access.