Provide feedback to Classmate essay

I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.

Please do your work in a Word doc that you save often. You will find your classmate’s essay draft for the second essay in week 11 in the discussion board. Please use complete sentences when completing the feedback for your classmate. As you did last time, please use a supportive tone for your comments. Your job is not to “fix” anything in your classmate’s essay. The purpose of peer feedback, as has always been the case in our class, is to help the people giving feedback develop their own revision skills. You are in charge of making decisions about the feedback you receive, e.g., what to use and what to dismiss. Please be sure to use corresponding numbers for your comments so that the numbers you use to organize your feedback match the numbers on the feedback form.

Please use the feedback form to provide feedback to classmate essay.
Feedback form and classmate essay will be provided below.
Please write in simple language. Thanks.