Psychology Discussion question

I’m stuck on a Psychology question and need an explanation.

For this Discussion forum you will have some options. You will need to answer one question from the three options,

Option 1: Think about how you handle stress and then, write about some of the more common daily hassles you experience-name about 3-and write about how you handle them. Include all coping skills used and what physical responses you recognize.

Option 2: Think about a life changing event such as a death, birth of a child, loss of job, a new job, new house and mortgage etc. Write about what you recall you used as a coping skill and describe what physical responses you experienced to the stress.

Option 3. Think about the role models in your life and how they handle stress and life challenges. What have you learned to do or not do based on that example. How much do you imitate or how have you learned alternative ways to handle stress?

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