question hello i need your help with this problem i need to fill out all the blanks 4284348


Hello, I need your help with this problem.

I need to fill out all the blanks.

Thanks for your help in advance.

10.000 points Wesley Power Tools manufactures a wide variety of tools and accessories. One of its more popular items is a cordless power handisaw. Each handisaw sells for $50. Wesley expects the following unit sales: January 2,200 February 2,300 March 2.900 April 2.600 May 2,100 Wesley's ending finished goods inventory policy is 35 percent of the next month's sales. Suppose each handisaw takes approximately 35 hours to manufacture, and Wesley pays an average labor wage of S13.50 per hour Each handisaw requires a plastic housing that Wesley purchases from a supplier at a cost of $7.00 each. The company has an ending raw materials inventory policy of 10 percent of the following month's production requirements. Materials other than the housing unit total $4.00 per handisaw. Manufacturing overhead for this product includes $66,000 annual fixed overhead (based on production of 21,000 units) and $1.00 per unit variable manufacturing overhead. Wesley's selling expenses are 7 percent of sales dollars, and administrative expenses are fixed at $17,000 per month. Required 1. Compute the budgeted cost of goods sold for the first quarter. Round direct material, direct labor and overhead costs per unit to 2 decimal places. Round final answers to the nearest dollar amoun Janua Februa 1st Quarter Total March Budgeted Cost of Goods Sold