read the tasks and write the rquird

I don’t understand this History question and need help to study.

those tasks was in the following dates so mention the dates and the topics of tasks.

8/22 – write 1-paragraph response to the Writing About Slavery document (pdf attached). The question posed was something like why does this matter?
– 9/10 – What did you learn from this lecture on the Middle Passage and the Marie Seraphique? write no more then 2 pargraphs (ppt attached)
– 9/17 – write notes on the primary source document on the Haitian Revolution you were given (pdf attached)
– 9/19 – Jamaican Revolt Activity
— Your task is to prove the great Jamaican insurrection of 1760-61 was in fact a well-planned affair that posed a genuine strategic threat, ended ultimately by an effective British counterinsurgency. Use this map to collect evidence of (1) how the island’s topography shaped the course of the revolt, (2) how the rebellion included at least three major uprisings, and (3) how its suppression required the sequenced collaboration of several distinct elements of British military power. You may summarize your evidence in a bulleted list (at least 5 self-explanatory bullet points total) or in paragraph form in your in-class notebook (at least two paragraphs).