Reading Responses

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Tips for Creating “Reading” Responses

The purpose of these “reading” responses is to help you learn and think about all of the course materials in relation to one another, as well as in relation to your own experiences. If you do these assignments with care, they are one of the best ways to gain a better grasp on the content of the course material.

Each week you will be tasked with making a conceptual map of the course materials using freely available concept mapping software. Please choose a platform that will allow you to download or otherwise share your concept map with the rest of the class. During or after completing the course readings/videos for the week, you should make a concept map of the interrelationships among the various theories and topics covered in ALL of the course materials.

Next, please provide a reaction to the course materials. Your reaction and “processing” of the material is just as important as your concept map. If you feel like you’re having trouble coming up with something other than a summary for your reaction, try asking yourself some of the questions below to dig deeper.

  • How does the material relate to you? Can you make it connect to your life?
  • Do you agree with some/all of the material’s main points? Why or why not? Be specific and really explore those opinions in depth.
  • Is the author/speaker biased in any way? What could have caused it? Does this unfairly limit the scope of the material or leave out important points of view?

Reading Responses

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2 PAGES double spaces MLA

1 page for each parts.

Do not write a summary, write what you think after you read it.

Write what you think after you read the reading.

Responses can be speculative, propose applications, or pose critiques.

Part 1 L16

L16 Required Reading: Haedtler et al (2016)

L16 Required Reading: FED-UP (2016)

Part 2 L17

L17: Required Reading: Harvey (2010) The Enigma of Capital & the Crisis This Time

L17: Required Reading: Escobar (2011) Design for the Pluriverse

You Required to use these 4 reading in each part.

Read the Guidelines carefully and make sure you follow it.

Guidelines for Responses

  • You are assessed on your thoughtful engagement with the material. Please do not post a summary.
  • Your response should bring up substantive comments and questions with regard to the
  • reading at hand and the broader themes in the class.

  • You may choose to relate what you read to some part of your daily life, current events, or
  • some other situation, policy debate, etc..

  • Responses can be speculative, propose applications, or pose critiques