Review the article “Eyewitness Identification Reform.”

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Review the article from the link below-titled “Eyewitness Identification Reform.”

Watch the brief video on the Eyewitness Identification Reform.

Research a criminal case that involved the misidentification of the defendant in a police photo-line-up. You may use the Innocence Project website to research a case for this assignment.

Using APA format Respond to the questions below:

  1. Summarize the facts of the case
  2. Note whether the suspect identified by the victim or other witnesses. Note the information that was provided by the eyewitnesses.
  3. Note information regarding the photo line-up or live line-up that was used to identify the defendant or anyone else in this case? How was the defendant identified? Explain.
  4. From the article and video accessible in 10.2 Chapter Review Assignment, what initiatives are police departments implementing to reduce the risk of eyewitness misidentification.