Ruan assignment OTM Exercise

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Make sure you can access the OTM environment and login successfully to the system. Find the RIQ screen and perform an Order Search.

1. Login to OTM:

a. Go to the login screen


b. Enter your user name and password

2. Navigation

a. To navigate between OTM subject areas use the Hamburger at the top left of the screen or the Home Icon in the top middle right of the screen

3. Navigate to RIQ (Rates) Screen:

a. Select Ask Oracle -> Rates from icons or the top left drop down menu

4. Navigate to Order Release Screen and perform Search

a. Navigate to Order Management -> Order Release -> Order Release and select <Search>

b. Validate number of orders returned from query:_______________

c. Refine Query and determine number of orders shipping to IL: ______________ by entering the following data on the Locations Tab and selecting <Search>

d. What are the service requirements on the orders by looking at the Early Pickup Date, Late Pickup Date, Early Delivery Date, and Late Delivery Date fields?

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