scientific method

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Before responding to this discussion, please take the Scientific Method Tutorial and if needed review optional readings.

Describe an example of how you use the scientific method in your daily life. Which observation(s) lead you to use the scientific method? State a good hypothesis, how you are testing the hypothesis (the experiment), results and conclusion. What are the control and treatment groups in your experiment? What is the dependent and independent variables in your experiment? Name at least one controlled variable.

In your replies please provide suggestions for how the other students’ scientific method examples can be improved. Examples: How can the hypothesis be edited to make it more specific (better)? Is a proper control group included? Are the independent, dependent and controlled variables correctly identified? How can the experimental design be improved? Also consider sharing any useful videos, tutorials or web-sites that helped you better understand the scientific method.

Scientific Method

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Explore how the development of the scientific method impacts our worldview.


Identify a current problem in physics by searching for news articles and current events. One reputable source of news in physics is Choose one article, and in two pages, describe how the scientific method is being used to solve the problem mentioned in the article. Identify the initial observations that identified the problem, the hypothesis, tests, and any revisions of the original hypothesis. Cite the article in APA format as well as other references you might use.

Grading Rubric

0 1 2 3 4
Not Submitted No Pass Competence Proficiency Mastery
Not Submitted Identified some of the steps in the scientific method but did not address the overall scientific method. Identified most of the steps in the scientific method but did not address the overall scientific method. Identified the steps in the scientific method but is unable to link the steps to the overall scientific method. Correctly identifies the steps in the scientific method represented in the current research and explained how they relate to each other within the scientific method.