Scientific Writing

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This week, find a current (within the past 10 days) news article in some popular media (newspaper, magazine, etc). The topic of the news article should be physics related, but does not need to be physics that we have already discussed. After reading the article, address the following in your submission.

  • First Paragraph: A brief summary (show that you have read). What is the main point (what is the authors claim) and what evidence does the author present to support the claim?
  • Second Paragraph: This will be the Reasoning part of CER: Identify the resoning that connects evidence to claim and evaluate the connection. Does the evidence support the claim? Is the evidence relevant? What physics principles are underlying the arguments made by the author. Since most journalists don’t write in CER format, if the author does not provide reasoning, you should. It is OK if you are not 100% clear on any component, but if there are portions that you do not understand, identify these clearly and explain why you don’t understand. The key here is to show your thinking about the writing.
  • Include a proper citation

Remember, 350 words is a good target length.

Scientific Writing

I’m working on a Physics question and need guidance to help me study.

Observe physics somewhere in your life outside of the physics classroom. After you have observed physics, you should write two paragraphs.

  • What did you observe? Provide a brief description of the event. What did you see or do? Be specific and clear. Do not ramble.
  • What is the physics? Provide a description of the physics principle that you are observing in action. It is possible that you observed something that demonstrates a physics principle that you are unsure about or do not know how to explain. Make your best effort. It is acceptable to state what you think the principle is and to identify why (specifically) you are unsure. The goal here is to demonstrate thinking.