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Assignment #2: RESEARCH Paper

The Purpose of this assignment is to refine your research and writing skills.You will be graded on content and format including grammar, sentence structure, spelling and syntax.

Select a particular Veterans program that YOU are interested in studying and researching. Your professor must approve your topic.

Your research paper must address the following issues:

  • What is the history of the program
  • Why was this program brought into existence
  • Does this program meet the needs of its intended group?
  • Should this program continue to operate in its current format?Why? Why not?
  • Should changes be made to this program?Explain your reasoning.

Your paper must be a minimum of ten (10) typed pages (excluding the cover sheet and the bibliography).You must include a bibliography with a minimum of ten (10) references (four from academic journals).Use the word “I” sparingly.This is not a journal of your thoughts.It is a research paper and you must back up your assertions with reference material.This is not a book report.It requires analysis of the issues.

(2C) 11/15/2019: A typed outline of your research paper is due. (10 points)

(2D) 11/29/2019: Your research paper is due. The Topick is Military and Sexual Trauma. .