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#1 Recruitment and Interview Process

Organizations must find the best candidate for a job among a pool of many applicants. Which of the basic selection criteria do you feel is the most critical in hiring? Give a rationale for your decision along with examples:

  • Education and experience
  • Skills and abilities
  • Personal Characteristics
  • Hiring for fit

#2 Considering Tradeoffs You Make Every Day

Let’s talk about two tradeoffs we face every day: how we spend our time and money.

We can spend our income, or save it for investing. We can spend time working to earn an income, or we do other things that we broadly call leisure.

Reply to these prompts to start your discussion:

  • Describe a tradeoff you have made in terms of your income or your time. What choice did you make with your money or time? Why did you make that choice?

Talk about tradeoffs with your peers: