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We can all perhaps recall a poster, flyer, billboard, or other document that is poorly designed. These documents are memorable for all the wrong reasons. But what about the documents that are really well designed? In this discussion, you will do a few things. First, find 2-3 examples of business proposals or grant (both share similar genre and design conventions) that you believe to be well designed. These documents might be ones you find online, but you might also encounter them in your life–a proposal at your work place or internship, for example. Include the examples you find in your response as either a link or file upload. Discuss what you like about these documents (Why do you believe they represent good design?) using the principles of design terminology from Chapter 11.

Next, share a (working) draft of your proposal for this week’s assignment. In what ways are you applying the principles of design in your proposal draft?

Lastly, solicit feedback from your classmates. Pose two questions about the design of your proposal draft that you would appreciate feedback from your classmates.

simple question1

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In conjunction with creating the Professional Profile, you’ll conduct a SWOT analysis of your professional identity, which will help with planning and framing the one-page professional profile. Typically used in business contexts to inform decision making, the SWOT analysis will allow you to better understand the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats regarding your unique skills, abilities, and experiences. In other words, the analysis will allow you to have a better understanding of how you can define and frame your professional identity. I’ve included links to three web articles in Module 12 that will help to guide your SWOT analysis. The first is more of an overview, defining SWOT analysis and providing some examples. The second link is a how-to. The last article is an older piece, but offers relevant framing for considering your professional identity. For the purposes of your SWOT analysis, I am not concerned about the format you choose to present the information (e.g. bullet list, table, graph, etc.); so, submit a format that allows you to understand the data.