solve the relevant problems given in your research data. This project should contain the detailed descriptive and summary statistics

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1) Identify the variable types of and analyze the “Response_to_self_diriving_car” data and justify

the reason why you use that specific technique for that specific variable. ( for example, I use a

bar chart for this variable as it is a categorical, etc.). three is enough

2) Provide descriptive (summary) statistics for the numerical variables (i.e., mean, Q1, median,

Q3, IQR, variance, histogram, boxplot, etc.) in “HOUSING_PRICE_DATA” data. And interpret your

findings and make sure that you report correct/proper metrics in order to provide summary

statistics (e.g., I calculate the average of “this variable” using mean as it does not have an outlier,


3) Build 95% confidence interval (CI) for the mean house age in “HOUSING_PRICE_DATA” data

and interpret CI.