stress log

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what stresses you out and how you are currently responding to your stress. You can make your stress log however you like, but here is a template if you would like to use it. Whatever format you choose, please be sure to include the stressor and your thoughts, feelings and actions in response to the stressor. We will go over the stress log during our first lecture. The stress log is private and does not need to be turned in or shared. You will begin using the information from your stress log when we start cognitive restructuring on 10/1. You will continue to use your stress log throughout the semester to gain insights into your stress patterns or “habits” and tailor a stress management plan according to your specific stress reduction needs.

Stress log

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  1. For one week (5 weekdays + 2 weekend days), record the routine and unique

    you encounter.
    Examples: Driving to school/work each morning through rush hour traffic (routine), getting a flat tire (unique).
  2. Record your reactions/responses to these

    , including:

    1. Psychological reactions
    2. Emotional reactions
    3. Physical responses (physiological stress response)
    4. How you coped with each

      (use of interventions).
  3. Review your 7 days of entries. Do you see any patterns for the following?
    1. Patterns of

    2. Patterns of responses
    3. Patterns of coping methods
  4. What methods could you have used to cope more effectively with the identified

    , including using appropriate university and community resources?
  5. Submit a 2-3 page reflective summary of your log.