Study and Work Connection – 800 words

I’m studying for my Business class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

Show how your Study of this course helps you in your job (You are working as Manager for a franchisee hotel). How learning helping you in your job. Try to co-relate your learning and your practical work in your job.

You have to write this assignment as like you are working for a Hotel Manager and you are studying course “Information Technology Importance in Strategic Planning”

Curse descriptions and objectives are given below. I will share Course pdf book for your reference as well.

Minimum 800 words

Job: Hotel Manager, You are taking care hotel business. You are making decisions on day to day purchases like breakfast items, housekeeping supplies, laundry supplies and maintenance. This is 65 rooms hotel. (No restaurant, only continental complementary breakfast in the morning) You are hiring employees when needed and training them. You are taking strategic decisions likes what hotel rooms rates to keep in which season. You are co-coordinating with franchisee and keep compliance upto date. Making sure hotel guests are satisfied with services.

Write everything like…I am working for……this course has helped me to learn…..

Course Description: This course focuses on the information technology leader’s collaborative roles working with an organization’s senior leadership, including aligning business strategy with IT strategy, acting as an equal contributor to the formation of organizational strategy, and integrating ethical policies and practices into an organization. Learners evaluate multidisciplinary research and practices related to leadership, organizational structures, and culture. Through the lens of complexity/chaos and change theories, learners analyze information technology’s role in contributing to organizational resiliency.

Course Objectives/Learner Outcomes: Course Objectives/Learner Outcomes: Upon completion of this course, the student will:  be proactive with risk management practices.  understand IT business management.  understand the economics of cloud computing.  understand the benefits of eco-efficient technology adoption  understand how to balance customer and shareholder value.  understand how emerging technologies effect strategic planning.