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Define the term “resilience.” What attitudes, behaviors, and activities can be expected (or are proven) to enhance personal resilience? Neighborhood resilience? Community resilience? Are these activities complimentary, collaborative, or deleterious? Explain.

Newton’s third law of physics states that for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. Drop a basketball on the hardwood of a court and it deforms, but pressure builds inside. That pressure eventually reaches a point where it forces the ball to react. That reaction attempts to reestablish the ball’s round shape. That process causes the ball to bounce. That’s resilience.

When any type of disaster strikes, the community begins the process of getting back to normal. Soon after the WTC Towers collapsed on 9-11, the NYC Mayor announced that the city would return to normal. The President said that the nation would do the same, though it was clear that the ‘normal’ would be different. It took more than a year to clear the debris at ground zero. Visitors to NY can visit a 911 Memorial, but they don’t see debris. The nation chose to wage war against terrorism. New York City and the US have proven to be resilient. Both dealt with destructive forces and have returned to a new normal.


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