Topic 2 DQ 2

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Identify three key questions you will ask and answer when reading the research study and why these questions are important. When responding to peers, provide other questions and answers that could be considered in relation to the peers’ studies.

*** Advancements in healthcare have paved new ways of how nursing students ought to learn in clinical practice. Nursing education and field of practice have undergone various changes in recent times, and thus, there is a need to examine the learning environment in nursing homes more closely. The concerns on how students should learn have also changed. Nurse managers have a significant influence on how students should learn in their environments as they have the responsibility to supervise. Similarly, advancements in healthcare systems, technology, and other changes within the healthcare sector are causing hospitals to focus on quality outcomes for patients heavily. New supervision models are therefore required to enhance better skills for future nurses, and promote better outcomes for patients. The study made use of descriptive and explanatory designs in which data was collected through research interviews — the research strategy involved nurse managers from three nursing homes. The effectiveness of the study strategy is that it proved that nurse managers had a significant role in ensuring better learning environments. By sampling, the various models to be applied in student’s learning were designed, and thus, the best model was selected that could promote effective education for students in the nursing profession. Also, nurse managers had a greater understanding of their nursing responsibility.


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