Turning Data into Business Opportunities

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Based on the topic you selected, you must use Data.gov or Census.gov to locate and download a dataset that is related to your new product or service. Sometimes these datasets contain a great deal of raw data, so you will need to use Tableau Prep to extract and analyze it before using it to begin building data visualizations.

In a 3-4 page paper, you must:

  1. Identify at least one business opportunity related to your topic.
  2. What kind of data would you need to support your theory behind this opportunity?
  3. What resource or data repository would you use and why?
  4. Hypothetically speaking, what processes would you change or add to collect data?
  5. What are some trends would you try to identify using this data?
  6. What is one new data visualization you would create to tell stakeholders a story?

Your submission must include:

  1. Your Microsoft Word document with at least 5 screenshots and descriptions of your extraction and analysis steps.
  2. Your original dataset in .csv or .xlsx file format.
  3. A Tableau Desktop workbook file in .twb format.