Two page proposal for term paper by use the infomation from Assignment1-3

I’m studying for my Economics class and need an explanation.

Assignment 4 asks you to write a one- to two-page proposal for your term paper. Submit a hard copy in class and an electronic version through Brightspace.

Begin with the data pattern identified in assignment 2 (with modifications identified during marking of assignment 2). You can include some of your own (edited) material from assignment 2 and should certainly again include your key chart.

Your proposal should now identify the specific question you would like to address. Your question should ask ‘why’ we observe the pattern in the data you have identified in assignment 2.

Next, with reference to your literature review and/or theories we have studied in class, identify 2 or 3 hypotheses that may explain/answer your question. Again, it is fine to re-use some of your own words from assignment 3. You are building in stages toward your term paper.

As ever, remember to appropriately acknowledge the thoughts/ideas/research of other authors. Include a bibliography (Chicago style) which includes your data source.