U5: DinCJ: Summative 2nd response

I’m stuck on a Law question and need an explanation.

Using 100 words or more please respond to the following post:

The most compelling topic I learned in this lesson was in discussion board one when the judge sentenced one person over another because of skin color. It makes me angry when people see only skin color, and not the real person. See when the judge had to hand out a sentence for Mr. Thomas Catalano and Mr. Jabari. The only thing he saw was Mr. Jabari’s skin color and he gave him seven years but Mr. Catalano got probation. “Race is one of the most social problems in the United States (MUSE).” You would think even in today’s world that people see a person for what they are and not skin color. I had a little problem in discussion board two when we were talking about George, I just look at it one way, and thinking George could find another way home instead of going the same way, but I did not think that might be the only way George can go to visit his family. We also had to write about the police that tore up his car and then left George on the side of the road stranded and he was supposed to get a commendation for the highest drugs bust we all know the officer did not deserve that commendation, but it happens every day. See the officer should go back and read the Fourth Amendment “that said the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, car, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, they shall not violate, unless it is a probable cause (law.cornell.edu/constitution/fourth_amendment).”

By participating in this class, I learned a lot in these lessons and from my classmates. In the discussion board, my classmate gave me feedback and ask me question. By reading their assignment I learn more about the lesson. Thanks, everyone and even though I could not make it to the live chats I did listen to the archive. I want to thank Mr. Newell for his feedback on my assignment, and I try or at least try to get it right, I also want to thank everyone at CTU that help me when I needed it.

I feel there is nothing to be added and nothing to be clarified because our teacher and classmates were a big help. And I want to thank everyone, and I enjoy this class.