Unit 4: Discussion 1 Reply

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1. Shelby

God is a God of free will. He sets out specific guidelines on how to live a righteous life and inherit the kingdom of Heaven and everlasting life. He also explains the consequences of not obeying His commands, which is eternal damnation. Life is about choices. The future of every individual is contingent upon choices made by parents from infancy up to adulthood, then those choice transition to the responsibility of that said individual. Commonly understood, choices have consequences, positive or negative. Job 37:23 (NASB) reads, “The Almighty—we cannot find Him; He is exalted in power, and He will not do violence to justice and abundant righteousness.” In relation to God respecting and allowing people to make his or he own decision, patient autonomy mirrors that philosophy. Similar to God giving counsel on how to live according to His word, health care professionals can educate individuals about what is best for optimal health and wellness. But, neither God nor healthcare providers coerce individuals into decisions. The only caveat for patient autonomy is that there are loopholes within the law that allow for certain exceptions such as incapacitation or the inability to cognitively speak for one’s self. In these situations, the judgement of the medical provider is depended on for the best course of action. According to Quigley (2016), “Autonomy is essential to respecting a patient’s right to engage in conversation and education about available choices and consequences.” Human beings have the right to make decisions for themselves. This ideal spills over into many more aspects of society, related to civil rights, religion, and lawmaking. The writer believes that patient autonomy is beneficial because people are in control of his or her life, and should not be influenced by any person or power that may or may not have an alternate agenda.

2. Canteau

Usually if a patient is in his or her right mind, that person as the right to make decisions for their own medical needs. Just like God gives us the choice to do what we please, the doctors and caregivers have to respect the patients decision on their medical needs rather they feel it is right or wrong. The doctor knows a lot more about the medical world then most patients and may suggest other ways to go about doing things just like God knows what is best for us, both doctors and God still allows us to make our own choices. They provide the knowledge and suggestions for what we should do in life, but its up to us at the end of the day to chose if we will listen or not.

Its a blessing that we get the opportunity to make our own decisions in life even if they aren’t the right choices. We would probably be miserable and rebellious if we didn’t have a say so in our day to day lives. Imagine living a life that was centered around what someone else wanted you to do. I know I would go crazy and feel so empty because I love my freedom here on earth. I try so hard not to take that privilege for granted. Its important to give God all of the glory because he knew exactly what He was doing when He created us and He hasn’t failed us yet.