Unit Three Writing Assignment: Drug Legalization

Help me study for my Political Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

The states that want to legalize some drugs cannot fully because it is against federal law (that darn supremacy clause).

The states that do not want to legalize any drugs would not be able to handle the problem without federal aid – which would not exist unless drugs were illegal.

The federal government has stated it would not interfere with states who wanted to legalize marijuana. To the extent the government can be trusted to keep this word, whether it will change with a new president or what happens if there is a high-profile media incident (a death, an up tick in DWI, a scandal) that scares Congress into making a knee-jerk reaction remains to be seen. It still leaves the question – should marijuana and/or other drugs be legalized?

Students will write:

1. Three reasons drugs should be kept illegal, explaining your reason. Yes, even those of you who REALLY want drugs legal will need to concede three legitimate reasons they should be kept illegal – even if you disagree, and explain why they are legitimate concerns.

2. Three reasons drugs should be made legal, explaining your reasons. Also, which drugs should be legalized? Why not all of them?

3. Then I want you to pick a side and explain why.

One-sided papers will be graded harshly. The point of college is to explore other options. If you end up back where you started that is ok, but you must at least understand where the other side is coming from.

The rules: Remember, this needs to be at least two pages of solid, thoughtful material in order to even be considered for full credit. Students receiving all 50 points usually turn in papers of at least 2.5 pages. Have some fun with it, but remember this is an academic paper. No cussing or slang, use proper grammar and proof-read before sending, use the spell-checker, do not end a sentence with a question mark (you are supposed to answer questions, not ask them), et cetera.

*I’m against legalizing marijuana, everything else is fair game lol*