Worksheet 2 on Tramatic Events

I need help with a Philosophy question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.


1.What is CERT training, and why might it be important to a comprehensive emergency plan? (2pts)

2.What is culture, and why does it matter in a triage situation?(2pts)

3.Identify the Guiding Principles of Cultural Competence in an emergency context. How can anorganization incorporate these principles when creating an emergency plan? Be very specific in your answer. (3pts)

4.Identify the five phases of Incident Action Planning, and describe the role of each phase in the planning process. (5pts)

5.What is the After Action Review? How does it contribute to the planning process? (2pt)

6.What types of behaviors are associated with workplace violence? (1pt)

7.Cite four myths about workplace violence. (1pt)

8.Discuss behaviors of concern? How does the recognition of these behaviors help to prevent workplace violence? (2pts)

9.What is the THREAT protocol, and how can its implementation improve survivability in a mass casualty event? (2pts)


A.What three things should you do if you find yourself in an active shooter incident? (1)

B.What four steps are suggested by the DHS to help organizations develop an emergency plan? (1pt)

C.What is InfraGard? (1pt)

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