Write an Arguments essay based on claim of policy

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Could you please write an argument essay based on claim of policy?, My topic is “Foreign Language Learning Should Start in Elementary School” You will need to use at least three outside sources in your final draft. Use MLA format when introducing and citing sources, You will also need to include a Works Cited list that includes all of the outside sources you used in your final draft. The Works Cited list does not count toward the minimum word count. You should have also considered what has caused the problem or issue and the particular steps that it will take to implement your proposal. And you should have, as always, considered what a opposing viewpoint to your claim might be.Should be from (5-6) pages. Also, Based upon the topic you have chosen, make a judgment that is based upon standards that measure the worth of an action, belief, performance, or object associated with that topic.

Below i provided the essay direction, also the rubric, and information about claim of policy in order to clearly understand what claim of policy is. Also the workshop that already done for this essay that help a lot.

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