write lab report

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Your lab report MUST be formatted in the following way:

  1. Introduction: What is the purpose of the lab. (Concise, ~1 Paragraph)
  2. Procedures: Must be bullet-points. Briefly explain the steps you took as you executed your experiment. Should not include any important analysis/data. Write this portion in such a way for someone else to come up with the same results if they followed your steps. (MAX 1 page)
  3. Analysis: This includes data, circuit diagrams, prelab, printouts, and answers to questions from lab. It is important that this is a discussion of the experiments which includes an explanations of results. (i.e. Why? How? Implications?)
  4. Conclusion: In general, discuss what principles the experiment(s) utilized and anything else that needs further discussion. (~2-3 Paragraphs)