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Written Assignments
• You will submit three written assignments during the course. Written assignments are your chance to demonstrate course learning by grappling with an issue related to business & society. These entries are an opportunity for you to think about the course material, integrate it with the wealth of knowledge you’ve gained thus far as a student, and ultimately to use that knowledge to address relevant phenomena and situations; your own experiences and/or real-life events.

• As we cover topics in class, certain concepts, phenomena, and/or events will capture your interest. As they do, your job is to think about how you can analyze that concept/phenomenon/event. I will give examples in class as they come up to help give the assignment more structure.

• The format of your written assignment can vary. Students often submit assignments in the following forms:
o (1) “All-employee” memos from a leader to her/his employees; (2) Formal case study analyses; (3) Newspaper editorials; (4) Public speeches; (5) Formal plans of action for a student’s actual business or place of employment

• You will submit will be a three (or more, not less) page (double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, 1-inch margins) answer or reflection on the topic(s) you choose. Don’t play me with page length. Anything less than 3 pages loses 20%.

• You should cite no less than 5 legit sources, two of which must be academic articles. Please use APA format for the assignment.

• You must submit each written assignment on iLearn via the Turnitin submission portal — please do not submit via email ***

The five sources need to include two articles from the class disscus. which are “The place of of Nohuman in environmental issures”, and “Green Management Matters Regardless by Alfred A. Marcus and Adam R. Fremeth.